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    Get a feel for the work we do with leaders: from a "state of the company" meeting revamp, to messaging platform development, to case statements and public education programs.

    Internal 'State of the Company' Meeting Revamp 

    GOAL: Reinvent this global organization's internal "state of the company" meetings to make them more engaging for every employee.

    Improve the format, style and effectiveness of these presentations.

    Keep the format simple: Focus on "where we've been, where we're going and what you can do to make a difference."

    Services included:

    • Research/interviews
    • Creative concept development
    • Presentation development
    • Scriptwriting and editing 
    • Collaboration with the slide designer
    • Executive speech coaching for three executives
    • Speakers' notes 
    • Participation and coaching before the live event 

    Positioning and Messaging Platform (Corporate)

    GOAL: Develop a positioning and messaging platform for a newly reorganized company.

    Consider four stakeholder groups: current leaders and employees; potential acquisitions; potential new hires; and national and international customers.

    The final platform covered:

    • Value drivers
    • Positioning statement building blocks (what, who, how, why, where, when)
    • Positioning tagline (long/short forms)
    • Master message
    • Ownership and roles
    • Services/delivery of services

    Services included:

    • Research/eight in-person interviews
    • Key concepts development
    • Platform development and refinement
    • Collaboration with graphic designers on infographic development

    Messaging Platform (Nonprofit)

    GOAL: Develop a messaging platform for a Catholic elementary school that wants to share its unique story to recruit new families and students.

    Use the platform to develop content for a new website and brochure for St. Christopher Catholic School.

    Stakeholders interviewed:

    • Alumni and parents of alumni 
    • Teachers and staff
    • Students and transfer students
    • Parents (parishioners and non-parishioners)
    • Non-parishioners without children

    Services included:

    • Research (background documents)
    • 22 in-person interviews to discover value drivers and key messages 
    • Key concepts development based on interviews 
    • Platform development and refinement
    • Collaboration with the marketing committee
    • Final platform development and launch

    Case Statement for a $25 Million Capital Campaign 

    GOAL: Develop a prospectus and a comprehensive case for support for the capital campaign for a new patient tower at Dayton Children's Hospital.

    The primary focus was on housing a new newborn intensive care unit and a comprehensive cancer center in the tower.

    The secondary focus was on moving the pediatric intensive care unit to the tower.

    The case for support drove all other collateral developed for the campaign.

    The goal of the campaign was $25 million, and $27 million was raised from the community.

    The tower opened in June 2017. 

    Services included:

    • Extensive research and review of background documents on needs and priorities
    • In-person interviews with Dayton Children's executives, managers and medical staff (eight sessions, multiple interview sources per session)
    • Several drafts of the prospectus (four pages) and case (28 pages)

    Booklet to Influence Minority Business Owners (Fast-Track Design and Development) 

    GOAL: Write and design an easy-to-read booklet, designed for one-on-one discussions during company stockholder meetings.

    The booklet made a case for business preparedness and succession planning; explained processes; and gave how-to advice.

    The purpose was to influence minority business owners to prepare their business for the unexpected (accident or illness); organize for growth; and plan for retirement. 

    This project had a mandatory two-week turnaround time, and this tight deadline was met. The project won an award of excellence in 2017.   

    Services included:

    • Coordination with a consultant and with executives at the parent company 
    • Research/interviews
    • Development of key messages 
    • Creation of two booklet concepts for review
    • Copywriting, editing and proofreading
    • Conceptual development of a custom flow chart and two process diagrams 
    • Graphic design and layout 
    • Printer coordination

    Personalized Fliers for Nonprofit Fundraising 

    GOAL: Develop unique and compelling stories and messages three times a year to convince past donors to make a financial gift to Crayons to Classrooms.

    This organization collects and distributes school supplies at no cost to teachers of students in need. 

    The direct mail program, designed to build and grow the organization's donor base, has been ongoing since 2011.

    Typical services include:

    • Data analysis from previous direct mailings
    • Research
    • Interviews (with teachers, donors, funders, board members and others)
    • Creative concept development
    • Copywriting and editing
    • Photo shoots at schools
    • Envelope teaser messages
    • Graphic design and layout 
    • Printer coordination

    Public Education Program 

    GOAL: Make a case for modernizing the Muskingum River Basin in this booklet for the public entitled "Troubled Waters: A National Call for Renewal."

    This booklet was used during face-to-face meetings with the public.

    Client: Parsons Brinckerhoff (on behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

    Services included:

    • Extensive research
    • On-site interviews with engineers and other technical professionals
    • Development of key messages 
    • Booklet outline
    • Copywriting, editing and proofreading of the 28-page booklet
    • Graphic design and layout (contracted)

    Public Education Program  

    GOAL: Educate the public about the importance of healthy beaches and the need for beach nourishment; why beach erosion puts coastal areas at risk; how society needs to respond; how beach nourishment projects are engineered; how beach nourishment works when a storm comes ashore; and what we must do to protect people and property from the effects of hurricanes and coastal storms.

    Client: Woolpert and Turner Effect (on behalf of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

    Services included:

    • Extensive research and review of complex technical data 
    • Remote interviews with engineers and other technical professionals 
    • Development of key messages 
    • Booklet outline
    • Copywriting, editing and proofreading of the 16-page booklet
    • Graphic design and layout (contracted)


    Business Case 

    GOAL: Develop a comprehensive blueprint to help companies succeed in the highly competitive commercial water heater emergency replacement market.

    Outline proven best practices and key how-to resources to help companies succeed faster.

    Client: WinWholesale (now Winsupply) and A. O. Smith 

    Services included:

    • Research
    • On-site and remote interviews of experts in wholesale distribution and water heater manufacturing
    • Outline 
    • Writing, editing and proofreading of the 72-page book
    • Graphic design and layout 
    • Printer coordination

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