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    Are you a leader accountable for important communication?dreamstime_s_8438395-leadership communication

    • Are your messages getting lost, misunderstood or overlooked?
    • Do you need help simplifying what seems complicated?
    • Would bylines boost your career?
    • Are brevity and clarity a struggle?
    • Do you have trouble with presentations, pitches and appeals?
    • Are you expected to show thought leadership in print or online?

    We can help you transform the way you communicate as a leader – and enhance your reputation as a subject matter expert or in the C-suite.

    Our sweet spot is tapping into the brainpower of CEOs, VIPs and subject matter experts to uncover precisely the right ideas, words, messages and stories for any leadership or executive communication challenge.

    Our in-depth interviewing technique – used with thousands of sources over three decades – is a process of illumination designed to spark your creativity and inspire your best thinking.

    And it’s the groundwork for developing innovative communications – ones that resonate with every stakeholder.

    leadershipSave time! Contact us for any leadership communication need:

    • Articles
    • Blogposts
    • Briefings
    • Case statements
    • Columns and essays
    • Custom reports
    • Executive biographies/profiles
    • Executive interviews
    • Executive summaries


    • Fundraising appeals
    • Key messages
    • Letters
    • Op-ed pieces
    • Presentations
    • Proposals
    • Q & A documents
    • Talking points
    • Thought leadership posts




    “Thanks again for your passion surrounding this important project and distilling reams of information into clear and concise talking points.”  
    – Fr. John Tonkin, St. Christopher School

    “Reading your column in the Sunday paper … congratulations on a really well-done piece that so effectively articulates everything you have espoused throughout your entire career.”
    – Attorney’s comment on an op-ed piece ghostwritten for a client

    “I reviewed the latest messaging platform and think it’s in great shape! No requested changes at this time. Thank you!”
    – Patricia Kukulka, Maric Management, Inc.

    “Your coaching could not have come at a better time. You have given me a new way to focus and zero in on what matters when I write. All great stuff!”
    – Elaine Bonner, Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School

    “What a wonderful set of messages! So beautifully done and right on point. Thanks so much. You are the BEST!”
    – Ron Budzik, consultant to the Dayton Business Committee

    “Thanks so much for leading us to a good result. It was a pleasure working with you on the messaging platform. I am very pleased with the overall product.”
    Chris McAtee, St. Christopher School Marketing Committee

    I have arranged a management meeting in October to discuss your excellent document. I will keep you posted!”
    – Chairman of the board, two global manufacturing companies based in Europe

    “I finally had time to really read through this; you have a gift of making people and companies look good. I was even more impressed when I reviewed it again this morning.”
    – Eric Graham, Maric Management, Inc.

    “Those are great ideas! Joe and I will be talking to our manager about what we learned and revamping our process. Thank you so much for your help!”
    – Jessica Dye, Standard Textile

    “Thanks, Teresa! I knew it would be a good idea for you to help give some structure to their message! You’re the greatest!!”
    Amy Hayde, Cambridge Design

    “Excellent job! Great interview. Spot on. I wouldn’t change a thing. He told me he really enjoyed working with you!”
    – Rick Schwartz, Winsupply

    “Teresa has done a wonderful job of writing, organizing and rationalizing our rapidly evolving thoughts as well as all of our previous drafts and their most numerous notes.”
    – Joseph Benson, Benson Brand Strategy

    “We had a terrific event. The presentations went very well. We had the right people here and the message was one they could relate to … I believe they will carry the message to their cohorts and colleagues. Thanks again for making us all look like superstars.”
    – Barbara Hayde, The Entrepreneurs Center (retired)

    “Wow, this is fantastic, Teresa. Thank you for pouring out your ‘MAGIC.’ You are impressive, my friend. You have just made us all very professional and well-versed. Love it!!!!!”
    – Jeanne Porter, founder, Women in Business Networking

    “Teresa Zumwald did such a great job educating Women in Business Networking on how to keep a speech S.T.I.C.K.Y. This is worth a read!”
    – Mary R. Miller, FastLane

    “Thank you for a fantastic presentation today! I was inspired and will be spending some time this weekend rethinking my approach to blogging.”
    – Linda Jones, Software Solutions Inc.

    “You really helped us dig deep for the message that resonated with our key customers. You’re able to filter what I say – and then pinpoint exactly what I’m trying to convey.”
    – Barbara Hayde, The Entrepreneurs Center (retired)


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