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    dreamstimesmall_17099647-speechwriting-topHave you been asked to:

    • Deliver a keynote address?
    • Craft an important speech?
    • Or accept a prestigious award?

    Whenever you speak in public, the stakes are high.

    Your reputation is on the line.

    You need to come off polished, professional, conversational, inspirational and memorable – every time.

    But all too often, speakers begin without a clear focus. They try to say everything. So in the end, they say nothing.

    Or, they run out of time to prepare. So when the big day comes, they go on tangents. They ramble. They stumble.

    And once those words are spoken? It’s over. No speaker can take them back.

    And then the audience leaves – unmoved, uninspired, unmotivated. (Maybe even a little irritated!)

    But certainly empty. 

    Don’t be that speaker!

    If you want to build your professional capital, there’s nothing like developing and delivering a really great speech.

    But let’s face it: Great speechwriting is hard work!

    It’s both a niche skill and a process that takes time – time that you may not have – to do it as well as you want to. And need to.

    dreamstimesmall_31276039-speechwritingIf you have something important to say, we can help you say it:

    • Award acceptance remarks
    • Award presentations
    • Business presentations
    • Ceremonial speeches
    • Commencement speeches
    • Emcee remarks
    • Event/conference scripting
    • Fundraising appeals
    • Keynote addresses

    • Panel facilitations
    • Q&A sessions
    • Speaker introductions
    • “State of the company” addresses
    • Toasts
    • Tributes (anniversaries, retirements, farewells, eulogies)
    • Webinar scripts
    • Welcome remarks

    Our passion is tapping into the brainpower of CEOs, VIPs and subject matter experts to uncover your wisdom, your words, your experiences, your stories and your style.

    Our in-depth interview technique – used with thousands of sources over three decades – is a process of illumination that leads every time to a personal, vivid, unforgettable speech: one that only you can deliver.

    dreamstimesmall_26630807-speechwriting-bottomOur approach to speechwriting saves you time.

    It includes:

    Initial research (industry, event, audience, topic, client)
    Discovery interviews (one-on-one, with you and often others)
    More research (creative, relevant and fresh for your audience)
    An outline with a clear approach
    A couple of drafts for your review and feedback
    The final speech with speaker notations (ready for you to rehearse before our speech coaching sessions)
    The final speech manuscript, ready for you to deliver and submit for online posting, publication or media attention

    Our approach ensures that the focus of your speech is exactly right – and eliminates rework and review time.

    You’ll get the precise speech you want to deliver – and your audience needs to hear.

    Need a speech? Contact us today!



    “You are such a first-class professional! I’d never hesitate to recommend you to any of our clients.”
    – Robin Brun, Center for Leadership, University of Dayton

    “Thank you so much … it is perfect! No changes needed! I am already looking forward to working with you on the next speech!” 
    – Chairman of the board, global manufacturing company based in Europe

    “It was great to meet and work with you. I greatly appreciated your persistence and focus. I was very pleased with our finished product. A great improvement.”
    – Alan Nash, Henny Penny

    “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And I’m still not sure that I’ve thanked you enough for the fantastic work you did in preparing my welcome remarks for The Salvation Army National Advisory Board meeting. Several attendees – local, national and international – conveyed to me that my remarks were spot on and delivered with conviction. I certainly could have not carried this off without your research, organization, writing, coaching and infinite attention to detail.”
    – Tim Kenner, Kenner & Associates

    “Both speeches look great! Thanks for your timely response and efforts on pulling these together!”
    – Kevin Hartke, Resonetics

    “Thanks so much for your incredible speech. You were awesome! And we got all the credit. The staff all said it was exactly what they were looking for. You could have heard a pin drop.”
    – Barbara Hayde, The Entrepreneurs Center

    “He said it went great! He sent me the speech and – seriously – I got chills. You captured his voice, cadence and especially the mission. Wow oh Wow! Way to go!”
    Karen Boyle, Dayton Freight Lines, Inc.

    – Eric Graham, Maric Management, Inc.

    “Teresa … thanks … I think you nailed it! It’s superb.”
    – Ron Budzik, consultant to the Dayton Business Committee

    “You rock!” 
    – Chairman of the board, global manufacturing company based in Europe

    “I recently used Teresa Zumwald’s speechwriting services for two big events. Teresa was a true professional throughout the process and really took the time to get to know me and InnoSource. She did her homework on my topics and ensured that each speech had a clear direction and purpose for each audience.”
    – Chad Delligatti, InnoSource

    “Friday I gave the keynote speech to another group … afterward, one of the attendees asked how I got into his head! Thanks again …”
    – Barbara Hayde, The Entrepreneurs Center

    “I just read through this, and WOW, I love it. It has such personal meaning. You have done a wonderful job with this. Now … I just have to practice, practice, practice. Thank you, Teresa.”
    – Jeanne Porter, Women in Business Networking

    “I deeply appreciate your unfailing support while I was melting down about my speech. Obviously what you shared with me last week made my stories more clear and compelling. I have never had a standing ovation. It was quite overwhelming!”
    – Keynote speaker, Dayton, Ohio

    “Wow – darn good!!!! Awesome job. I just practiced twice and it flows. Thank you.”
    – Chad Delligatti, InnoSource

    “I have only read it once but OMG, it seems just perfect. Another job beautifully done!!”
    – Barbara Hayde, The Entrepreneurs Center


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