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Zumwald wins two 2017 Cicero Speechwriting Awards from Vital Speeches of the Day

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio, April 18, 2017 – Teresa Zumwald, owner and president of Zumwald & Company, LLC, has won two 2017 Cicero Speechwriting Awards from Vital Speeches of the Day. 

“How Winsupply Helps Entrepreneurs Claim the American Dream” was a 20-minute executive address prepared for and delivered by Richard W. Schwartz, chairman of the board, Winsupply Inc.

Schwartz delivered the speech on Nov. 30, 2016, at the Fourth Annual “Doing Business in the I-75 Corridor” Executive Breakfast Briefing hosted by Thompson Hine and Clark Schaefer Hackett in Dayton, Ohio.

Zumwald’s speech, the Leadership and Management category winner, is featured on page 40 of “These Vital Speeches,” a commemorative collection of the winning speeches posted on the Cicero Speechwriting Awards website.




Receiving an Honorable Mention was another speech prepared for and delivered by Schwartz. “Stand Up for Free Enterprise Capitalism: The American Dream” was a 25-minute speech given at Rotary Club of Dayton on Nov. 21, 2016.

Presented by Vital Speeches of the Day, the prestigious monthly collection of speeches, the Cicero Speechwriting Awards recognize the work that makes the speeches that help leaders lead – in every sector of business, politics and society.

Cicero Speechwriting Awards Program Chairman David Murray called the annual awards “the celebration of speechwriters who want more than to please their client – speechwriters who want to help their client change the world.

“Many of the 23 speeches that won Cicero Speechwriting Awards this year showed such ambition,” wrote Murray in his editorial piece titled “What Do Speechwriters Want?” ■