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Zumwald to speak on ‘a better, faster way to create your next presentation’ at inaugural Internal Comms Pro Retreat

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio, June 26, 2018 – Teresa Zumwald will speak on how to “Take A.I.M. — A Better, Faster Way to Create Your Next Presentation” at the Internal Comms Pro Retreat: Refurbishing Your Work, Company & Story on July 24 at Highlander Event Center in Fort Thomas, Ky.

The first-ever Internal Comms Pro Retreat is sponsored by Cerkl.

Zumwald, an award-winning speechwriter, speech coach and B2B communications consultant at Zumwald & Company, LLC, will challenge attendees with this:

Your boss needs to deliver a critical presentation to key managers flying into town next week – and you’ve just been tapped to do the research and write the remarks.

Time is short: You get one interview session with your boss and three subject matter experts (that’s it!).

How and where do you start with messaging and storytelling when the pressure’s on?

Discover and practice the A.I.M. Method: a simple but powerful speechwriting process with tools that help you get to the heart of what you want to say – in less time and without pain.

Midwestern corporate communicators will attend the retreat to refurbish aspects of their internal communications programming.

The event promises to give internal communicators “the gift of introspective time to think on the concepts learned, making your old plan new again with a set of tools and a checklist of ideas tailored to your individual needs that you can implement the next day,” according to the Internal Comms Pro website.

Event organizer Sara Jackson said Internal Comms Pro is committed to educating and engaging corporate communicators and HR professionals. According to Jackson, ICP is a community for passionate, curious, internal communications leaders who want to raise the value of their work. Internal Comms Pro brings together the best in the business to share ideas, tools and tactics that move the needle on engagement.

“I’m thrilled and honored to be among the presenters selected for this inaugural event by Internal Comms Pro,” Zumwald said.

Cerkl, the event sponsor, is a software company that uses artificial intelligence to increase audience engagement through personalized digital interactions.

Register to hear Zumwald’s presentation and nine other presenters at the retreat here. ■