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3 ways to make your next keynote presentation better than your last one

The applause has ended, and your keynote presentation is over.

How are you feeling?

  • Did it go well?
  • Could your keynote presentation have gone better?
  • How do you know?

Public speakers should always seek continuous improvement.

Here are three simple things you need to do for yourself after you deliver your next keynote presentation.

1 – Take 15 minutes the next day to reflect on how it went.

Consider not only what you think and feel but also what any trusted advisers may have told you.

(If you’re not getting any feedback, ask trusted advisers who were in the audience for their thoughts about what went well and what did not.)

2 – Write down your reflections.

Capture everything – the good, the bad (and anything ugly). Include details and potential fixes.

3 – Review these reflections before you start preparing your next keynote presentation.

If things went well, you’ll know to repeat them!

If things could have gone better, you’ll remember exactly what you need to do differently this time.