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2 things you must do before sharing the stage at public speaking events

Will you be one of several public speakers sharing the stage at an upcoming business event?

To avoid awkward moments at public speaking events and ensure your next program flows without flaws from one speaker to the next, take a moment to check in with the event planner before the big day.

1 – Look at the script beforehand: at least several days before the event.

Are the right transitions in place?

If not, ask the event planner for an adjustment to the script so that all speakers follow the same protocol when transitioning on and off stage.

There are three rules for flawless transitions at public speaking events:

  • Rule 1: When you’re finished speaking, introduce the next speaker – and then lead the audience in a round of applause – while you remain in place.
  • Rule 2: Continue applauding –and remain at the podium! – until the speaker you’ve just introduced arrives safely on stage next to you at the podium.
  • Rule 3: Greet the next speaker with a smile and a hearty handshake at the podium before turning and leaving the stage.

2 – Touch base with the other speakers ahead of time so everyone knows what’s supposed to happen.

At a minimum, make sure the person who’s introducing you plans to stay at the podium until you arrive, lead the audience in a round of applause, and shake your hand before leaving the stage.

Also talk to the person you’ll introduce to reassure him or her that you will do the same.

If you want to speak with confidence and success when sharing the stage with other speakers at public speaking events, remember the fine art of transitions. When you do, you and your fellow speakers will look good and feel great – and your audience will get to enjoy and appreciate a classy, perfectly orchestrated event.