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In the news: ASJA profiles Zumwald’s journey to becoming a speechwriter

NEW YORK, Dec. 4, 2018 – The American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) has published a profile of ASJA member Teresa Zumwald that tells how she reinvented her longtime marketing communications business by expanding into niche areas: speechwriting, speech coaching and executive communications.

In “A Manner of Speechwriting” published today by ASJA, Zumwald says she purposely went looking for “something more specialized to help grow my business.

“In 2008, I … heard ASJA member Joan Detz give a talk on ‘Nine Steps to a Killer Speech’ and was just riveted,” Zumwald said. “I knew I had found my niche.”

Zumwald took a series of high-level speechwriting training courses from Detz, an international speechwriter and speech coach, and began earning new business in speechwriting and speech coaching for regional, national and international clients. Since 2013, she has won 12 awards for her client speeches.

In the ASJA story, Zumwald talks about her speechwriting process, the skills needed and how rewarding it is to give someone the right words to say when the stakes are high.

“It’s really great to have someone shine on the stage because of your efforts. Not only are you helping them get their message across, but you are inspiring the audience to think differently or change their behavior. It’s a fantastic feeling when that happens.”

Zumwald also gave advice to aspiring speechwriters.

“You’ll need to take instruction, which will help save time and missteps. Good speechwriting requires a lot of learning and practice.”

Her company also offers brand messaging, corporate storytelling, and speaking and training, natural extensions of the original business Zumwald established in 1989, Zumwald & Company, in Ohio.

Read the profile here.