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Zumwald & Company launches personalized news, tips and tools

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio, April 11, 2019 – Zumwald & Company is celebrating its 30th year in business by launching a service that delivers news, tips and tools personalized to the needs and interests of individual subscribers.

“Now people can receive news, tips and tools – selected just for them – based on their unique interests and delivered their way,” said Teresa Zumwald, the company’s CEO, speechwriter and storyteller.

Zumwald explained how it works.

“You choose content you care about. Get it on your schedule. And read it in a format you prefer – all so you can save time while staying connected to what’s meaningful and relevant to you,” she said. “It takes just two minutes to personalize what you will get.”

People who opt in to the new service receive a Welcome Email inviting them to personalize their experience with the company. Their first personalized newsletter arrives soon afterward.

“We launched personalized news, tips and tools because we know each person has unique interests, and everyone’s time is valuable. So we only want to deliver information that a subscriber cares most about.”

That’s the power of personalization, she said, “and a great way to celebrate our 30th year serving Zumwald & Company clients.”

Get personalized news, tips and tools from Zumwald & Company by subscribing here.