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How to gain back more time for deeper strategic thinking

If you’re an executive, you’re likely giving speeches and presentations with important messages related to your company’s mission, vision and expectations for your team.

But how effective and efficient are your speeches and presentations?

Take this simple quiz to find out.

First, think about the last speech or presentation you gave on mission, vision or expectations. Then answer these questions.

  1. What was your process for creating this speech or presentation?
  2. Did you have one clear message or theme?
  3. How many drafts did you produce?
  4. Who else did you involve?
  5. How many hours did it take you from start to finish?
  6. What did you have to set aside to get it completed on time?
  7. Were you happy with the results?
  8. Did you fight with technology anywhere along the way?
  9. What feedback did you receive, if any?
  10. Would the time you spent crafting this presentation have been better spent on other strategic thinking?

There’s no doubt that communication – especially speech making – is a strategic function.

Smart B2B executives already know this.

The smartest B2B executives, however, take the execution of their strategic communication one step further.

They don’t write their own speeches.

They use a professional speechwriter.

And they do it for one reason:

They know they can slash time spent on speech making to a fraction of the time they used to spend simply by taking an hour to talk through their strategic thinking with a professional speechwriter – someone who knows intuitively how to take mere ideas and run with them to produce a crackerjack speech.

YOU are a smart B2B executive.

What would happen if you made this one simple change?

What if you shifted the creative, labor-intensive work of speechwriting to an actual speechwriter and relied on speechwriting services?

If you did, you’d automatically free up dozens of hours – maybe even days of time – to spend doing more of the high-value work that only YOU can do: deep, strategic thinking related to goals, change and decision making.

Learn how to work with a speechwriter. Download this free guide!


“When effectiveness lacks efficiency, it’s often unproductive and can take 14 months to complete instead of four.”
~ Laura Stack, productivity expert and author of “Doing the Right Things Right: How the Effective Executive Spends Time”