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‘Memorable Corporate Storytelling’ free e-book now available

ENGLEWOOD, Ohio, May 10, 2019 – Teresa Zumwald has released a free e-book to help B2B storytellers write more memorable corporate stories.

“If you’re managing multiple, competing deadlines and fighting against all the distractions of the day, it’s easy to skip steps in the storytelling process,” Zumwald said. “These dynamics can lead to mediocre corporate stories and water down the strategic benefits of corporate stories for the organization.”

Zumwald – an award-winning speechwriter, speech coach and B2B storyteller at Zumwald & Company – said she wrote the e-book for internal communicators, corporate communicators, executive communicators, content creators and website copywriters.

“The moment you bore or confuse a reader, or share a story that lacks purpose or impact, it’s over,” she said. “A story that’s not a compelling read will most likely be abandoned. And you don’t get a second chance to win that reader back.”

Zumwald addresses these issues and more in her 36-page e-book:

“The Ultimate Guide to Memorable Corporate Storytelling”

The e-book has seven sections:

  • Corporate storytelling: The science and the art
  • 7 corporate storytelling mistakes that lead to mediocrity
  • The story-making process
  • Decide today where you can improve
  • 3 examples of good corporate storytelling
  • Bonus: Memorable corporate storytelling (what every CEO wants more of)
  • Telling your story

“Once you’ve lost the opportunity to begin changing someone’s thinking or behavior with a story, you’ve lost the power of memorable corporate storytelling — the ability to use stories to influence an outcome intended to move the organization forward,” Zumwald said. “This e-book will help you make every corporate story you write more memorable.”

Download the free e-book here.