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Why your C-suite needs to use the same public speaking coach

A C-suite that’s looking to elevate itself should look no further than its public speaking coach.


Because executives and others who learn how to be better public speakers can improve their value by as much as 50 percent, according to billionaire Warren Buffett.

That’s the nugget he gave to a roomful of Columbia University business students back in 2009. And his words of wisdom are even more true today.

But here’s the question:

If executives in the C-suite want to get better, should they work with one public speaking coach? Or should each executive test out and then choose his or her own coach?

Here are five reasons your C-suite would benefit from using the same public speaking coach.

1 – Trust begets trust

The same public speaking coach — one who earns the trust and confidence of one or two executives in the C-suite early on — will find it easier to earn the trust and confidence of all the other executives and bring results forward more quickly.

2 – Audience intel (priceless)

The same public speaking coach will gain a wider and deeper grasp of the wants and needs of every audience the C-suite needs to reach — and then can ensure that the executives address these wants and needs religiously every time they speak.

3 – Familiarity breeds fluency

The same public speaking coach will understand the common language and consistent messages that need to be included and emphasized whenever executives are addressing employees, customers or other stakeholders.

4 – A font of useful knowledge

The same public speaking coach will gradually obtain and retain a wealth of corporate and industry knowledge that can be masterfully applied when coaching every executive in the C-suite.

5 – Peers inspire peers

The same public speaking coach — by using a consistent coaching method throughout the C-suite — ultimately encourages executives to compare notes, share experiences, reinforce key learnings and motivate one another so they keep improving well beyond the initial coaching sessions.