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    Don’t let poor delivery ruin your great speech.

    Every speaker – no matter how confident or seasoned – can benefit from speech coaching to ensure every speech is delivered precisely the way it was intended.

    It’s a missed opportunity when well-crafted remarks are delivered by a speaker who’s too nervous, too rushed, too unprepared and too unfamiliar with the message to inspire an audience to action and lead change.

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    Don’t be that speaker!

    When you speak, everything matters – from the way you deliver your opening line … to your pauses, pacing, enunciations, transitions, voice inflections and volume … to the way you wrap it all up at the end.

    Our professional speech coaching lets you quickly incorporate honest, real-time feedback into your speech rehearsals so you can address problem areas, avoid embarrassment, cut your preparation time – and make your speech even better.

    After a speech coaching session, you’ll leave feeling more confident, more prepared and even exhilarated – fully ready to deliver every word, every line and every thought for maximum impact.

    Contact us about speech coaching today!



    “I am ready. I ran through the speech again yesterday in the meeting room. All is good. Thanks for all the coaching!”
    – Rick Schwartz, Winsupply

    “A very powerful speech. Well done!!!!”
    – Di Madewell, A.D.i. Advertising

    “In knowing Teresa Zumwald personally as a colleague and friend, I certainly can recommend her as a speechwriter and coach. She has written several dynamic speeches for me. She will prepare you well with a message that will inspire your audience.”
    – Jeanne Porter, founder, Women in Business Networking

     “The speech was a hit – there was not a bored or distracted person in the room. The audience hung on every word. I had more than one person come up to me and say it was our best event yet. Thank you.”
    – Rick McCann, Winsupply

    “Thank you so much for inspiring, informing and inviting the Leading Ladies of the Dayton VA to reflect on influence. Your presentation was so warmly received and highly regarded!” 
    – With respect and admiration, Anna Monnett, Dayton VA Medical Center

    “I want you to know how much I appreciate all the time and effort you put into this project. I know you made a tremendous difference in the quality of their presentation and the impact it has on the employees.”
    – Robin Brun, Center for Leadership, University of Dayton

    “Once the speeches were complete, Teresa helped me practice each one until I could deliver them perfectly. I would recommend Teresa at the highest level for her professionalism and quality of work.”
    – Chad Delligatti, InnoSource

    “Rave reviews! Thanks so much.”
    – Tim Kenner, Kenner & Associates

    “I just finished my presentation, and it was probably about 100 times better received than the last one. So I just wanted to thank you for all the tips and everything. I certainly feel a WHOLE lot better coming out of this one than I did the last one.”
    – Steve Rubenstein, Crayons to Classrooms

    “All I heard were raving reviews of the content, delivery and practical application of your program!”
    – Ed Volk, human resources executive 

    “I really enjoyed your presentation earlier this week. I’m sure you are aware – but you are a great speaker and did a great job of getting the information across in such a short period of time.”
    – Blake Eve, entrepreneurial marketer 

    “Thank you so much! You have been so professional, thorough and just great at helping us with this. We feel much better now!”
    – Jodi Gregory, Access Information Services, Inc.

    “I did not get a chance to tell you what a great speech you had today! Thank you for such a poised presentation.”
    – Darlene Langhout, We Care Arts Inc.

    “Bravo! Another great presentation. Such clarity and enthusiasm. I love listening to you.”
    – Carol Prewitt, Prewitt Consulting, LLC

    “Thank you for sharing your story – beautiful. You are so good at speaking. Just keep doing what you’re doing.”
    – Dr. Suzanne R. Brock, Dr. Seuzz Marketing, LLC

    “It was evident from the very beginning of your speech that you are so gifted with words. It was so interesting!”
    – Lil Robinette, Lifestyles in Life, LLC

    “Thank you for the wonderful facilitation … you and your topic were a total success. You certainly have the ‘wow’ factor when you present!”
    – Jeanne Porter, founder, Women in Business Networking

    “You are a master – your confidence and professionalism are balanced with your humor and approachability. A very entertaining and informative speech. Fantastic job!”
    – Garlene Hamilton, CareSource

    “Thank you again for everything! You are WONDERFUL!”
    – Chad Delligatti, InnoSource


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