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Here is a sampling of our most successful training programs.

Ask us to present an educational session at your next conference, workshop, lunch-and-learn or employee professional development program.

1. Write Better at Work: 6 Ways to Be More Professional and Accelerate Your Career

If you have a hunch that the level of professionalism in business writing is slipping, you are not alone: 86 percent of employees and executives blame poor communication and collaboration as the main causes of failures in business, according to research by Salesforce.

“Clear writing is a sign of clear thinking,” wrote Basecamp founder Jason Fried in his book, “Rework.” “If you are trying to decide among a few people to fill a position, hire the best writer. … Writing is today’s currency for good ideas.”

During the workshop, Teresa Zumwald takes a deep dive into how we write (and why that may be holding us back at work) by presenting:

  • What unprofessional business writing looks like
  • The risks to you and your organization when your business writing is less than professional
  • The rewards of upping your game
  • What to do first (that others can’t or won’t do)
  • Five problem areas in business writing to fix now (if you want to get promoted faster)
  • A bonus to help you invest in yourself starting today

2. Take A.I.M. – A Better, Faster Way to Create Your Next Presentation

Your boss needs to deliver a critical presentation to key managers flying into town next week.

And you’ve just been tapped to do the research and write the remarks.

Time is short:

You get one interview session with your boss and maybe a couple of subject matter experts (that’s it!).

How and where do you start with messaging and storytelling when the pressure’s on?

Discover and practice the A.I.M. Method:

A simple but powerful speechwriting process with tools that help you get to the heart of what you want and need to say – in less time and without pain.

3. Discipline is the Deciding Factor: How to Build the Muscle of Your Mind to Do More, Live More, Be More

Most people have a poor attitude toward discipline.

That’s because discipline has always been associated with words like pain, suffering and punishment: hard stuff like buckling down on that ambitious plan you’ve had to pivot your business, or writing that book you’ve always wanted to write.

It feels much better to simply give in to the desires of the moment: easy stuff like checking social media feeds several times a day or binge-watching Netflix over the weekend.

And yet, when you study the lives of history’s most successful people, they all have one thing in common: the ability to embrace the virtue of discipline.

Because in the end, discipline is always the deciding factor.

Not talent. Not birthright. Not luck.

This presentation will:

  • Challenge everything you were taught and always thought about discipline
  • Give you strategies to build more myelin and “rewire your brain” so you can apply newfound discipline to master a difficult task or accomplish an important goal
  • Help you map out a discipline practice you’ll want to follow – starting today

4. Win Them Over: How to Persuade and Influence People

It’s not easy to persuade.

And yet, we are called upon to persuade people every day, both at work and at home.

How do you make decisions?

What are the principles of influence?

What are the tools of persuasion?

What simple tricks can you use to get people to think – and then act – differently?

Discover what you need to know and do to win people over every time you speak, write or present.

Contact us today to schedule one or more of these professional development programs to benefit your members, your team or your entire organization.

Or, suggest another topic on any facet of B2B communication, and we’ll customize a program to meet your needs.


“Here are your evaluation results from your talk. You were a big favorite.

“Thanks so much for all the time, care and effort. It really shows in these results.”

Park National Bank

Do you need a writing coach to help you boost your skills in a specific area of communication such as storytelling, interviewing, persuasive writing or copy editing?

We offer one-on-one coaching and custom training to help emerging leaders become better communicators.

We’ll meet with you first to discuss your desired outcomes. Then we’ll design a detailed coaching and training plan to meet your needs and goals.

This plan may include elements such as:

  • One-on-one meeting and training agendas
  • A review of current writing samples
  • Written and oral feedback on current writing samples
  • Homework design, review and feedback
  • Written and oral feedback on homework assignments
  • Access to writing resources
  • “Before and after” comparative analyses of writing assignments
  • In-person coaching and training sessions
  • Email feedback and encouragement between sessions

If you want to become a more confident presenter when you speak in public, also check out our virtual and in-person speech coaching services.

Contact us about planning your one-on-one communication coaching and custom training sessions today – and become a better leader by becoming a better communicator.


“Your coaching could not have come at a better time. You have given me a new way to focus and zero in on what matters when I write. All great stuff!”

Emerge Recovery & Trade Initiative

Are you looking for a panel facilitator or an emcee who knows how to lead events with energy, professionalism and enthusiasm?

Teresa Zumwald plans, organizes and facilitates panel discussions by asking panelists the right questions to keep audiences engaged.

She’s also been the emcee at professional conferences, award ceremonies and other events with multiple keynote speakers, breakout sessions and award winners on stage.

Check out her blog post and video on 23 ways to be an exceptional emcee (what to do before, during and after the event).

Contact us today to book Teresa Zumwald as a panel facilitator or emcee for your next conference, ceremony or program.


“You did such an amazing job with that mic in your hand. Thank you, Teresa.”

Cummins Facility Services

“Your participation as a roundtable facilitator brought great success. You added an extra-special element to the conference day. Thank you for your commitment!”

Executive Director, Technology First