Our story

When people ask about Zumwald & Company, they’re surprised when I say it’s a 35-year experiment that’s never ended.

The year was 1989.

Our first daughter was a newborn, so I’d taken a six-week break from my communications specialist job at Woolpert, the national architecture, engineering and geospatial firm headquartered in Ohio.

Meanwhile, a twist:

I’d been offered what most would call a dream job: director of media relations at the University of Dayton in Ohio, a top-tier national Catholic research university.

Should I accept the position at the University of Dayton?

Or take a risk and start my own business?

I had until Monday morning to decide.

Growing up in Cincinnati, I’d watched my parents run two businesses on the side, and as a kid participated mightily in both. (Some of my earliest memories were wet-mopping the stairs on Saturday mornings at the three-story apartment complex my parents owned in North College Hill.)

So to me?

It didn’t seem scary to turn down the job at the University of Dayton and set up my own shop.

My first contract was with Woolpert.

The second was with the University of Dayton.

And the third was with the marketing department at the Dayton Daily News.

From there? The work – and the opportunities – never stopped coming.

Full time. All the time. Locally, regionally, nationally and even internationally.

Today our offices at Zumwald & Company are much larger.

Our team is more diverse.

And our expanded services complement one another: speechwriting, speech coaching, executive communications and speaking and training.

Some 90+ clients later, we’ve interviewed more than 10,000 experts. Told hundreds of inspiring stories. And collaborated with scores of amazing creatives.

We’ve traveled to remarkable places. Learned from incredible people. And landed the very best clients anyone could ever ask for.

That’s our story.

I’d love for you to learn more about the clients we serve. Take a peek at our work and our awards. Catch up on the news. And read our latest blog post.

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Teresa Zumwald
CEO, Speechwriter, Executive Speech Coach & Storyteller