Be a better speaker: Don’t overload your audience

If you want to be a better speaker, don’t waste time crafting a set of remarks that takes 30 minutes to share when you only have a 15-minute speaking slot.

Be honest and ask yourself early on: Do I have too much information to share?


You did it!

You nailed a speaking opportunity at a national conference.

And you can’t wait to share everything you know that will help your audience know more, be more and do more.

You’re pumped!

So pumped – that you get up on a Saturday morning and begin pouring out your heart and soul onto the page.

A little brainstorming to get the ideas flowing.

You keep going.

And going.

There’s so much you want to say!

There’s so much your audience needs to hear!

After a couple of hours, you stop for a coffee break.

Then you come back and look over your draft.

You’re proud.

There’s a lot there!

But wait.

There’s A LOT there.

A WHOLE LOT of stuff on all those pages.

Suddenly you’re wondering:

Do I have too much information?

What do I do now?

This happened to a client of mine – an executive who was beyond excited about his chance to speak to an audience that ultimately might want to do business with his organization.

He had a draft in progress and wanted to be a better speaker.

So he asked me for help.

Could I make his draft sound better?

I looked at his paper and began reading.

Truth be told?

My eyes glazed over.

I was overwhelmed.

I stopped reading.

And put the paper down.

What happened next?

Find out!

Watch this video in our Be a Better Speaker FAQ series: “Don’t Overload Your Audience.”



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