How to wrestle down the beast: Your next Big Hairy Audacious Presentation

Think about the last time you delivered a Big Hairy Audacious Presentation to your management team, customers, prospects or peers.

How did your prep go?

Were you awash in so much awesome material – that you had to clamor like crazy for focus?

What did you leave in?

(But more important: What did you leave out?)

Speakers often have much-too-much to say. And that’s the problem with many presentations and speeches today.

What to say when you have too much to say?

Join us on Aug. 25, 2017, at 1 p.m. Eastern and discover how to wrestle down the beast: your next Big Hairy Audacious Presentation.


  • How to use The AIM Method to focus your speech fast
  • A fun way to figure out a framework (in 30 minutes or less!)
  • What you need to know about chips and statues before your next presentation

We’ll discuss how to get from here … 

To here … 

To here!

Listen to a replay of the webcast here.