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Brand Messaging: Featured Projects

  • Conduct 22 in-person interviews as the foundation for developing brand messaging and a follow-on brochure to help a Catholic school recruit new families and enroll new students.
  • Develop brand messaging – including value drivers, positioning statement building blocks, a positioning tagline, a master message and supporting messages – to help a newly reorganized company educate, vet and select exclusive new business partners; guide a graphic design firm in the creation of an accompanying infographic.
  • Develop brand messaging – complete with test marketing messages – to help an association differentiate itself in a confusing and crowded technical marketplace and attract new members.

"I reviewed the latest messaging platform and think it’s in great shape! No requested changes at this time. Thank you!"

Slone Gear International

"Thanks so much for leading us to a good result. It was a pleasure working with you on the messaging platform. I am very pleased with the overall product."

St. Christopher School Marketing Committee

"I finally had time to really read through this; you have a gift of making people and companies look good. I was even more impressed when I reviewed it again this morning."

Maric Management, Inc.