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    6 questions to ask before you start to write
    I’m often asked, “What’s the biggest mistake people make when they write?” The answer? They simply start writing – and fail to do their [...]
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    8 ways to improve your writing in 5 minutes
    1. Circle every weak “to be” verb: be, am, is, are, was, were. Rewrite as many as you can using action verbs. 2. Make two sentences out of one [...]
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    How to wrestle down the beast: Your next Big Hairy Audacious Presentation
    Think about the last time you delivered a Big Hairy Audacious Presentation to your management team, customers, prospects or peers. How did your prep [...]
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    “We certainly have received great ROI on both speeches! Got the messages far and wide.”
    – Rick Schwartz, Winsupply

    “Many thanks for the speech! Everybody loved the ski-jumping analogy. You choose the right metaphors!”
    – Chairman of the board, two global manufacturing companies based in Europe


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