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Speech coaching

Good speeches start with this

All public speakers want to write and deliver good speeches. When you’re working on a speech, do you try to speed up the process by getting all your thoughts on paper first? If so, you may find yourself wallowing aimlessly in a sea of words with no clear direction. Read on to find out what […]

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Don’t be a boring speaker (it’ll cost you dearly)

Nobody wants to be labeled as a boring speaker. Nevertheless, we’ve all had to endure boring speakers at one time or another. But what are the consequences of being a boring speaker? And what should you do next if you believe the speech you’re working on right now sounds boring?   I recently attended a […]

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How to improve public speaking: Get out of your own way

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to public speaking? If so, you might be in your own way. Read on to discover how to improve public speaking by doing one simple thing to get out of your own way – and stay out of your own way – the next time you speak.   […]

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7 bad habits to break if you want to become a better speaker

In-person events are back! Unfortunately, so are some of the bad habits speakers fall into when they fail to prepare well for public speaking. If you want to become a better speaker, check yourself against these seven bad habits. Which ones do you need to break?   If you’re like most people these days, your […]

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What’s the process when you work with a speechwriter?

The first question I get from executives looking for a speechwriter is this: “How do you work?” If you’re an executive wondering about the process – what it’s like to work with a speechwriter instead of writing an entire speech by yourself – read on.   “I love our process!” a speechwriting client told me […]

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When to say no to a speaking opportunity

Do you have a speaking opportunity sitting in your inbox? Are you wondering whether to accept (or decline) the invitation? Get clarity – and get off the fence – with this advice.   The keynote speaker concluded, and the virtual event was over. Despite the incredible speaking opportunity given to this highly anticipated speaker and […]

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Communication strategy: When should you contact a speechwriter?

Timing is everything at work and in life. If your communication strategy for an upcoming event calls for a keynote speech from your CEO, how far in advance should you contact a speechwriter? Learn from this experience I had recently with a marketing VIP here in the U.S.   Last week I received a desperate […]

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Ideas for speeches: What to do next if the show does not go on?

Anytime you have to write and deliver a speech, it’s common to face a challenge or two. But what if something happens to disrupt the event? Keep this story close at hand in your bank of ideas for speeches, and learn how to pivot when problems arise.   When it comes to a speech, the […]

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10 tips for collaborating with a thought partner to write powerful speeches

Are you writing a speech with a crucial message and feeling the need to bounce your ideas off of a trusted colleague? Effective collaboration is the difference between a futile partnership and a phenomenal one. Here are 10 tips for leaders who want to collaborate with a thought partner to write more powerful speeches.   […]

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A public speakers training video for virtual conference presenters

Getting ready to present at a virtual conference soon? Take 5 minutes to watch this public speakers training video. Originally created for a professional association, this video will help you come across as professional as possible online. Business conferences in 2020 were in large part experiments after in-person events did an abrupt about-face, landing squarely […]

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