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Punctuation pitfall at Post

Only when I’m on vacation camping in Michigan do I have time to sit down and read what they’re putting on breakfast cereal boxes these days. (Experienced copywriters write this stuff, yes?) So imagine my surprise to find a glaring error on a box of Post Shredded Wheat (spoon size, vanilla almond flavor) while eating […]

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Phrase finding

Writer’s block? Need a great, inexpensive resource to get your creative juices flowing? Check out The Phrase Finder at If you’ve just written another boring, predictable headline and need some fresh ideas, search on a keyword through The Phrase Thesaurus for a minute or two. Scroll down the “phrases found.” What catches your eye? […]

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Just do it

Today a colleague who’s working on her Ph.D. sent me a panicky e-mail. For the last week or so, she’d been conducting a brief survey on LinkedIn to gather data to assist with her Ph.D. research. Apparently at least three people she was counting on to answer her survey – after all, they said they […]

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Bending over backwards

Have you had a great experience with customer service lately? I have. It happened last week when we were up against a tight deadline, pushing hard to get a newsletter out the door for a client. My printer – without telling me – ran our job over the weekend. It was stitched and trimmed on Monday […]

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